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Project of a Multimedia Exam System in Mozambique

October 6, 2014


In the central services, the system supports two different phases:

First phase:

  • Reception of the data of candidates for examination (may be registration directly or through the importation of data sent by driving schools).
  • Marking of the exam dates for the consideration of the candidate area centers.
  • Publication of the examination dates directly in a Web page and sent to the driving of their candidates.

Second phase:

  • After the completion of the review, the system allows the continuation of the review process with the marking of the test. The data flow will be the same as the theory test.

The exam system center manages:

  • Reception and registration of the candidate.
  • Preparation of the multimedia test in random system.
  • Collecting the responses of each candidate.
  • Immediate publication of the results of each candidate.
  • Collection and processing of claims for the candidate.
  • Sending results to the Central.


Nota Prensa Mozambique 20Mayo14



Dirección Proyecto: Sandra Aparicio Esteve

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